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Our Mission

to improve the quality of life in Atchison through service projects and volunteerism


Founded in May of 2015, Project Atchison was initially formed as a Facebook group called "Young Atchison Making a Difference." Our group’s spirit of volunteerism and community pride soon attracted over a thousand Facebook group members and a regular roundtable meeting attendance of 30-40 participants. In order to encourage members of all ages, our name was changed to Project Atchison and non-profit status was filed in October of 2015.

Our Mission

Our Vision

to create a more enjoyable and promising Atchison for today and future generations

What we do

Through reaching consensus on common concerns and collaborating on problem solving, we mobilize volunteers and leverage resources to achieve community-level improvements. We focus on project-based activities that benefit from the man-power of our group, such as beautification projects of public places and mass shopping trips at area businesses to improve local commerce.

who we are

We are strength in numbers. Our group members hail from diverse backgrounds, united in the desire to promote positivity, accelerate action, and celebrate community. Our board members serve to evaluate potential projects and activities, form collaborative partnerships with other local organizations, and organize group efforts.

Our Current Board

Heidi Hulsizer, President

Christa Rieger, Vice President

Sean Curry, Treasurer

Daphne McConnell, Secretary

John Peterson, Board Member

 Brent Mortensen, Board Member

Melissa Koontz White, Board Member


Funding for our projects comes from donations and fundraising events. Many projects are sponsored by local businesses, who donate financially, provide supplies or loan equipment.

Evaluation process

Our evaluation process includes initial project review by a board member or workgroup and review of potential projects at monthly roundtable discussions. In keeping with the consensus method of our organization, most projects are voted on by the group.

We Need Your Support Today!

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